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CD2 - Mixed Through The Years (Volume 1)

Deze CD is uitgebracht in juni 1996.
01) Disco   (Can't take my eyes off you; I never say goodbye) [3:15] icon preview audio
02) Broadway's Celebration   (Celebration; On broadway) [3:04] icon preview audio
03) Toto's Best   (Africa; Rosanna) [3:13] icon preview audio
04) Tropical Heat   (I go to Rio, La Cumbia) [2:59] icon preview audio
05) Up With Country   (Ring of Fire; Country Roads) [3:01] icon preview audio
06) Wave of Love   (Ti Amo; Woman Woman; Tu Soltanto Tu) [5:16] icon preview audio
07) René Froger In Concert   (Just say hello; Your place or mine; Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken) [4:35] icon preview audio
08) Just For Fun   (Keep on smiling; Matrimony) [3:13] icon preview audio
09) Dreadlocks   (I can't help falling in love; Red red wine; Stirl it up) [4:22] icon preview audio
10) Weathertalk   (Love is in the air; Standing in the rain; I can see clearly now) [4:15] icon preview audio
11) Diamond Forever   (Beautiful noise; Long fellow serenade) [3:40] icon preview audio
Alle muziek is gearrangeerd door Maurice Dubislav

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